New composition: “Periphery” [For Geri]

What’s great about working with the DFQ at the Hotel Normandie is a band that can cold-play a brand new tune for the first time without fear; as well as a venue that lets us do it! Here we ‘birth’ a brand new composition, “Periphery” [For Geri].  It is natural working on the “Scene From A Dream” project, listening to the tracks from my first album in 1983 with the late pianist Geri Allen would yield a new composition.  In those days I suffered from a severe shyness and Geri would always encourage me to step out more. Remembering that inspired this tune “Periphery” [For Geri] performed by DFQ~Dale Fielder Quartet Nov 18, 2017: Dale Fielder-alto & baritone sax / Jane Getz-piano / Bill Markus-bass / Thomas White-drums. Hotel Normandie supports The Arts: we’ll be back December 16th! Recorded on Zoom Q4 audio/video recorder.

Photos from Saturday Nite @ Hotel Normandie wDFQ Nov 18, 2017

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